Hi! Hi everyone i'm leanI'm ILLYWe came to a little familiar place todayWhere is this placeKaohsiungHaven't come in a long timeBut we are back this time, we are going .Come back, you are from KaohsiungAh, we come very often and ca n』t tell if it isAh (clap) You were a soldier here before, right?CorrectLand and seaCorrectZuoying, right?

Don't bother youSo we are going to introduce some todayNewer attractionsThese sights have not been to me beforeThen we also took a fresh attitudeCome and experienceToday is going to take a hidden versionWenqing Day TourJust follow our stepstogetherSet off (((run哪裏 where are you goingAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhThis is near the second special zoneHammar Sing Railway Cultural ParkKaohsiung Port StationKaohsiung's first railway stationIt has big lawnLarge installation art, retro locomotiveExactlyTake a jumping photo heaven of photo beauty!((((TrainBUTDon't be a beauty todayI'm going to the nearby Hamma Star Taiwan Railway MuseumSmall trainI'm on the little trainI took a ride for two laps!Do you know how many degrees nowSeveral degrees nowprobablyAround 34 degreesI actually feel pretty coldOh oh oh the caveI'm at Hamma Star Taiwan Railway Museum (((yeahInside that exhibition areaI feel a lot like that Inception (full launch)The stairs are 90 ° reversedWe are sitting on the train nowWe are going to experienceVR for trainIs it better than Venom?We are transformed into little people living in modelsWatching things change aroundI ask you a wordDo you really want to buy VRYes ~~I feel the same wayThe music inside it is very niceThen it ’s very comfortable and the picture is clean (why do you want to sleep?

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)There were only a few scenes where people suddenly disappearedI thought it was a spooky showWhat are you introducingAnyway, I'm a little bit famous nowI want you to knowDress upSuper fierceI will see a huge modellookAfter watching VR, then overlook the entire model from a normal perspectiveFeels particularly deepA whole piece of replica modelA miniature of Taiwan's cities from south to northIsn't this a beautiful island station? There is also a temple fair!Wow, the building and the railway have been done carefullyThere is still a dark bridge哪 Where is that model designer? I want to confess to himPuoma, Taipei MRTThis postcard is too cute, leave a message + shareI will send the postcard to you, I will write a bunch of words for you, yaAt the second location, we came to Jiancheng Pavilion next to the lotus pond in ZuoyingJiancheng Pavilion is mainly about the history of the old city of ZuoyingRise and Fall and Change欸 thatDon't want to sleep as soon as you hear historyThis is what they told us just nowHold on to him and check the artifactsThen he seems to have a different effectIt's coolGive you a gate directlyOriginally this monument was hard to seeJust some linesThen it becomes a black word on itLook downVery clear 欸I can play here all day 欸Super fun and high tech you loveThere are some coffee tables hereSome fragments are not importantLet's see what he will becomeOh he will tell you what it would look like without that pieceIt ’s tracking so badly, you see it shakingHe can still stick to that vessel like thisIs this ebay's vaseebay vase super long stemI have someoneWhy did this sudden show appear?

See hereOver hereNot hereOver hereYou know that if you are not playing AR, you will think this person isIdiotThis super cricketHe uses models and animationsThen I will tell you how this old Fengshan city evolvedIt feels like playing Century EmpireRPG animation plot triggered by the city wallCatch fireThis is not cold at all and it is very irritating to me.Let ’s not reveal too much because there are quite a lot of plots like this.There is something to play on the second floor (yesIt feels like a telescopeWhat can you seeYou can see the insideThere is a voiceㄟ Cartoon inside ㄟWhat are you doing you are playing a roller coasterHope you do n』t act too muchWhy (I do n』t want to lose this machineDid you help himYes, yes, yesSafety measuresLet's take a look at a neurosis talking to itselfWho is scared? He is a bit old at this age.

He should retire like this.We have just finished seeing the city hallReally funI think it ’s worth it if you have n』t been here before.You know we stayed here for hoursAbout two hours or moreNext, we came to the city which is less than ten minutes away by car.Goodbye 886 Taiwan Family Village Cultural ParkLet's first talk about a knowledge commonly known as small knowledge886 meansThere are about 886 dependent villages in Taiwan.

Then he pointed to this place and he could see the style of all the dependent villages. He expected itSo I took one goodbye 886And the name is very easy to rememberI heard that this is very suitable for taking photosThis shoe really feels like a soldierI'm in one of them nowHere is to tell you how the culture of dependent villages is bornThen what he later evolved for and whyLet's see it togetherOops Taiwanese beauty (me ~~Let ’s ask the audience if you think she is more beautiful or she is more beautifulLeave a comment belowIf you think she's more beautiful, I'll take this outI'm more beautifulUnconsciously, it was already evening, we went to the last place, Wen Qing bursting coffee shopMango coffee autumnThis coffee shop actually opened in the Confucius TempleUse the Chinese and Western words to the extremeChen Min wants to use teaChen Yi does not follow ~~~The interior decoration is super fu, drinking coffee and reading in it, temperament and IQ directly add 12If the emperor tells you this is called mango caqiuActually when I come here to drink, I have these accessoriesCan try on youLet you feel a different atmosphereAnyway, if he comes here for coffee, he has these clothesIt ’s fun for you to dress a littleThe specialty here is so special that it blends coffee with fresh juiceWe ordered the signature mango coffee to relax it.With coffee and dessert to draw the perfect period for our Wen Qing journeyToday is really fulfillingOk so this time is our videoIf you are interested in such a tourWe will put relevant information belowBecause some of these places require ticketsBut I think it ’s worth itHe seems to be more than 400It looks like it's less than 300 yuan.I think it would be cheaper to buy again through the websiteThen I put the relevant information below

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